Sex and Love : What's a Teenager to Do?

Sex and Love : What's a Teenager to Do?
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Sex & Love : What's a Teenager to Do?

Note: This video is in a seminar presentation format.

Here is a video for teens that gives some clear answers.

    In this dynamic, high energy presentation, Mary Beth Bonacci talks to teens about the "do's" of chastity. Using Scripture and humorous, down-to-earth examples from teenage life, she shows that chastity is more than just abstinence - chastity is active. It's about loving - the right way.

    Mary Beth Bonacci challenges teens all over the world every year, offering practical suggestions to help young people not only to understand chastity, but to enthusiastically embrace it.

    Mary Beth Bonacci gets through to teens! And what she has to share has never been needed more. So many youth get caught in unfortunate sexual choices because of peer pressure. Mary Beth provides a positive, Biblical view of sex that liberates young people from the tyranny of peer pressure and secularist values.

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